The #1 Question

Does anything change after a training program? Is there a measurable difference in how people are performing, behaving, or acting? What are the results? 

These are the questions Kevin answers in his keynotes and presentations. Training teams and Learning & Development organizations around the world are increasingly asked to produce evidence for the impact of their work. 

Kevin answers the #1 asked question, "What is the impact of learning?".

In addition to speaking globally, Kevin also shares his thoughts, experience, and ideas in the articles he writes about measuring impact. He is also a frequent guest on podcasts where he shares his message and methods for measuring impact for training and learning. 


Kevin's Message is Global

Speaking at conferences and industry events in Africa, Europe, and North America, Kevin has helped hundreds of Learning & Development professionals discover how to measure the impact of training and learning.

His keynotes and panel discussions address challenges and opportunities for using data and analytics to measure results.

His presentations and workshops immerse attendees in activities and ready-to-use methods that help them become L&D detectives using facts, clues, and evidence for the impact of learning. 

In his own words, "I want to be of service to the global L&D community by building a mindset for measurement and motivating audiences to try at least one thing that leads to measuring impact."


A great speaker

Exceeded expectations

Exceeded expectations

"I knew he was a great speaker and covered a very important topic (L&D measurement) so when I had the opportunity to invite him to speak at my first conference, I did not hesitate. Kevin's name was repeatedly mentioned as one of the best speakers and his session on L&D "fact finding" was one of the most popular and appreciated out of all the sessions at our conference." - Andy Storch, Host, Talent Development Think Tank

Exceeded expectations

Exceeded expectations

Exceeded expectations

“The ATECA Conference prides itself in bringing together global experts like Kevin who have Africa at heart and are willing to show how global approaches and trends in measuring efficiency and effectiveness of learning are relevant to our context. Kevin's keynote and workshop at ATECA 2019 in Nairobi exceeded our expectations!" - Catherine Jura, Director, Learning & Development, ELFA 

Knocked our socks off!

Knocked our socks off!

Knocked our socks off!

“Kevin knocked the socks off our ISPI-LA / CraneMorley learning event! He connected well with an audience that ranged from senior learning executives to instructional designers, all with a passion for moving their programs to a better performance-based model. Participants left with innovative tools created by Kevin and a few new ideas sparked by his facilitation.” - Thomas Pratt, President, CraneMorley Inc.

Excellent feedback

Knocked our socks off!

Knocked our socks off!

"Kevin is extremely hard working, committed and knowledgeable about his field. This breadth of knowledge was evident when he delivered the Keynote presentation. Through use of story-telling, engaging collaborative exercises and Q&A we received excellent feedback from all our attendees." - Conor Gilligan, Vice President, Webanywhere

Where is Kevin speaking?


Keynotes & Presentations

The Learning & Development Conference

Virtual Event | June & July 2020


Talent Development Think Tank

Santa Rosa, CA | January 2020


Annual Training Evaluation Compendium

Nairobi, Kenya | December 2019

Keynote Speaker & Presenter

ATD Core 4

Miami, FL | November 2019


Chief Learning Officers Forum

Scottsdale, AZ | June 2019

Keynote Speaker & Presenter

Corporate University & Corporate Learning Summit

Dusseldorf, Germany | May 2019


Webanywhere User Group

Chicago, IL | May 2019

Keynote Speaker

The Future of Learning

Chicago, IL | April 2019

Panel Leader

Metrics that Matter Impact Symposium

Tuscon, AZ | March 2019


ATD Core 4

Anaheim, CA | March 2019


Los Angeles ISPI Local Chapter/CraneMorley

Long Beach, CA | March 2019


Center for Talent Reporting Week & Annual Conference

Dallas, TX | February 2019


Corporate Learning Week

Orlando, FL | November 2018


Learning Live

London, UK | September 2018


Corporate Learning Analytics Conference

Nashville, TN | July 2018


ATD International Conference & Expo

San Diego, CA | May 2018


Executive Learning Exchange

Waukesha, WI | July 2017




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