Kevin is speaking at CTR Week & Annual Conference in Dallas, TX, February 18th - 22nd

I use fact-based evidence to answer the question, "Did training work?".



Kevin’s expertise is answering the question, “Did training work?”, with facts, evidence and data. His work is global and multi-industry. He's a sought after subject matter expert and international speaker.

Kevin's experience reaches across training, learning and talent development having served in roles for facilitation, instructional design, learning solutions, learning technology, program management, operations, strategy, measurement and analytics. He is also creator of The COURAGE Model©.


Kevin’s work is firmly rooted in his belief that training, learning and talent development has the power to impact behavior, thought and skill. His greatest capability is producing fact-based evidence for the impact of training and learning.


I’m a Learning & Development detective looking for facts, evidence and data that answers the question, “Did training work?”. I investigate efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes. I examine learning’s impact on behavior, performance and business goals. 

My global experience and diversity in roles guide and inform my perspective and actions. I promote alignment of goals with learning strategy for measurable outcomes. My guiding principle is, “Find one thing about a person's behavior or performance you can attribute to training or learning and let that lead to the facts about impact.”  


"His focus is uncompromisable. His talent is valuable. And his professionalism, top-notch. His ability to collect evidence for training impact and L&D's performance is superb. Kevin’s voice is emerging as one of the top thinkers and influencers in our industry." - Patti Phillips, PhD., CEO, ROI Institute

"When I asked Kevin if he would share his knowledge and expertise with a UK and European audience of 600 Chief Learning Officers at Learning Live, I knew he would do a great job. What I didn't anticipate is the huge impact his talk has made on the people who attended our event." - Edmund Monk, CEO, The Learning and Performance Institute


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