Did training work?


Evidence for Learning & Development's Impact

We don't have to wish, hope or believe learning and development makes an impact. There's data to prove it.

There’s a transformation taking place in learning and development. It’s a movement toward using measurement and data to answer the question, “Did training work?”.  

Kevin M. Yates shows the value of learning and development using measurement, evaluation and analytics as fact-based evidence for impact on goals and performance. 

There’s a big difference between reporting activity for training and measuring the impact of learning and development.

Traditional reporting is focused on how many people were trained, how many classes were offered and how many hours of training were completed.

Measurement for impact is focused on change in behavior, change in performance and the effect of learning and development on achieving organization goals.

What questions are answered with measurement, evaluation and analytics for learning and development?

  • Is what people learned changing performance on-the-job?
  • Why didn’t we get the results we expected?
  • What is the return on investment?
  • How are employees interacting with our learning ecosystem?
  • What combination of learning experiences produce desired outcomes?

It takes COURAGE to transform learning & Development

Measurement for Learning & Development


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