I answer the question "Did training work?" with facts, evidence, and data

Who is Kevin M. Yates?

Kevin is a Learning & Development detective and just like Sherlock Holmes, he solves mysteries. The mystery he solves is, "Did training work?". He looks for facts, evidence, clues, and data for training and learning’s impact on behavior, performance, actions, organization goals, and business strategy. He investigates efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes for training and learning.

Kevin measures results



When you connect training and learning with business goals, you have a winning strategy for measurable outcomes.



The data you collect for measuring training and learning's impact reveals effectiveness of your training and learning solutions. 



Don't measure for the sake of measurement. Measure to answer questions, reveal insights, inform decisions, and take action.

Find the Facts

It's possible

Finding facts, evidence and data for the impact of training and learning may not be easy but it's possible.

Find one thing

Find one thing about a person's behavior or performance you can attribute to training and learning and let that lead to the facts about impact.

Do you have evidence?

If someone were to ask, β€œDo you have evidence for the impact of your training programs?”, what would your answer be? 

Don't be afraid

Don't be afraid when the facts tell you training didn't work. Be afraid of not doing anything with what the facts tell you.

What kind of speaker is Kevin?


"When I asked Kevin if he would share his knowledge and expertise with a UK and European audience of 600 Chief Learning Officers at Learning Live, I knew he would do a great job. What I didn't anticipate is the huge impact his talk has made on the people who attended our event." - Edmund Monk, CEO, The Learning and Performance Institute 

Who are the fact finders for L&D?

There's a new role on Learning & Development teams. The role is focused on using data and analytics to answer the question, "Did training work?". They're measuring efficiency, effectiveness, and impact for training and learning. Take a look at the talent profiles for L&D's fact finders.

L&D Measurement and Analytics Roles (pdf)