How do you measure the impact of training and learning?

Kevin Measures Impact


Kevin is a Learning & Development detective and speaks about measuring the impact of training and learning. Audiences around the world have heard Kevin share his message and method for investigating efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes. He describes how to measure learning’s impact on performance, behavior, and actions, and how to use data as fact-based evidence. 

Empowers the Audience


In his own words, "I'm focused on sharing what is actionable and I really want the audience to get at least one thing they can do to measure results for their training and learning programs. I tell the truth about challenges and opportunities. My purpose is empowering the Learning & Development community with facts, evidence, and data that tells our story about impact." 

Kevin has the experience and expertise


Made a huge impact

"When I asked Kevin if he would share his knowledge and expertise with a UK and European audience of 600 Chief Learning Officers at Learning Live, I knew he would do a great job. What I didn't anticipate is the huge impact his talk has made on the people who attended our event." - Edmund Monk, CEO, The Learning and Performance Institute

Exceeded expectations!

"The ATECA Conference prides itself in bringing together global experts like Kevin who have Africa at heart and are willing to show how global approaches and trends in measuring efficiency and effectiveness of learning are relevant to our context. Kevin's keynote and workshop at ATECA 2019 in Nairobi exceeded our expectations!" - Catherine Jura, Director, Learning & Development, ELFA 

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